Cumbeast Let Their “Analconda” Loose


Last summer we introduced you to Cumbeast, a Finnish band whose groovy slams and guttural vocals do their gnarly, evocative moniker justice.

Now we get a music video for the Cumbeast track “Analconda,” and it, too, lives up to the band’s most excellent name in every way possible.

To start, the concept: a slithering, butt-hungry serpent that drags metal musicians down into its toilet-y abyss one a time. Aces all around!

The execution: the video is both well-shot and supremely campy, making it entertaining throughout and easy to watch.

And finally, the dudes! They all look like they’re having a blast, which is a damn good thing given the nature of their music and this video.

Watch below. Cumbeast’s third album Groovy Massacre is out now. Check them out on Facebook.


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