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There is a Band Called Cumbeast


CumbeastWhen a band with a name like Cumbeast appears in your inbox you pay attention. Surely the four Finnish gentlemen in Cumbeast knew this when they decided to name their band after an explosively ejaculating monster.

And when a band with a name like Cumbeast appears in your inbox you pretty much know exactly what they’re gonna sound like before pressing play, even without the foreknowledge that their new album is called Groovy Massacre. Slams, slams and more groovy-ass slams. Gutturals. A drum machine. Slap bass. Wait… slap bass? Sure, why not. And, if you stick with it long enough, possibly the best part of all… a RAP VERSE!

Truth is, Cumbeast aren’t great — I’m no slam expert, but I imagine friends of mine more in touch with the genre would classify them as adequate at best. But they’re good enough to justify their absolutely badass A+++++ WDBWA band name and provide some entertainment during these summer doldrums. Well done, fellas!

Cumbeast’s debut album Groovy Massacre is out now. Check them out on Facebook.

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