Hundreds of Limp Bizkit Fans Show Up for Hoax Concert at Dayton, Ohio Sunoco Gas Station


This past Tuesday rumors started circulating that Limp Bizkit would be performing a show the following day, Wednesday, April 20th, at a Sunoco gas station in the bustling downtown of U.S. megalopolis Dayton, Ohio.

That very concept should be reason for any sane person to give pause, but Limp Bizkit fans are not sane people, and before long the thing took on a life of its own: local news site TheNewsWheel.com posted an article about it that was widely shared, a Facebook event page had been created, and some enterprising fans even had bootleg shirts printed up specifically for the event:


By the time the would-be event came around most fans had realized that it was a hoax, but that didn’t stop hundreds from showing up anyway — forcing the gas station to shut down — and throwing an impromptu party that spilled over to a public patch of green grass across the road.

Dayton’s local Fox affiliate visited the scene for a news report, and the ensuing segment is pretty hilarious… aside from a few very disappointed fans who drove a long way it seems that everyone was a) in the joke, b) very drunk. Say what you will about these Bizkit fans (OK, OK, I will: they’re idiots), but at least they know how to have a good time!

Said one sad fan: “It’s a little disappointing but [Fred Durst] might be around here. He might be in one of them buildings watching us. So we really don’t know that.”

We’d really like to know who the genius is (or genii are) that started this rumor. Job well done, sir(s)!

Watch the Fox news clip below.

[via Stereogum]

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