Immortal Claim Abbath Stole Their Material for His Solo Album


Okay so first read this statement from remaining Immortal members Demonaz and Horgh, and then we’ll discuss, okay? Okay:

Booey for them for finishing writing the album, which I’m sure was hard, given that the guy who wrote all the music is no longer in the band. That being said, I’m not sure continuing to give Abbath shit is really the smart move here.

For one thing, even Abbath has said that the material on his debut, self-tited solo album was written for Immortal, back when he thought he was the sole remaining member of the group. So that’s not, like, some big reveal or whatever. I’m not sure how Abbath could have stolen material that was his to begin with, but this basically reads like Demonaz whining that Abbath changed his lyrics — which would have been Demonaz’s one contribution to the songs, and about which, frankly, very few people care. What is there to gain by claiming theft on Abbath’s part? Turning the tide of public opinion against him will not be an easy task, and, more importantly, it won’t make the new Immortal album good.

Which brings me to my next final point: Immortal fans should be open to the idea of the band continuing with Abbath. But Immortal are inarguably facing an uphill battle to prove they can still be good without their longtime frontman. The best way to win that battle, however, is to just make a great goddamn Immortal album. These two need to quit their bitchin’ and let their music do their talking for them — in the long-run, the music is all that will matter anyway.

[via The PRP]

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