How Much Sexual Imagery Can You Find in Kvelertak’s Trippy, Animated “Svartmesse” Video?


In Kvelertak’s new video for their song “Svartmesse” (“Black Mass”), a priest cuts up a penis with teeth, extracts the sperm from its testicles, and feeds that sperm to a woman in panties, at which point she herself grows another penis monster inside of her. She flees but is eventually duped and absorbed by the penis monster/priest. They are also constantly being watched by eyes shaped like vaginas.

I think the video is supposed to be a metaphor about how religion rapes its followers. I dunno, I could be reading too much into it. The video is pretty subtle.

Check out the “Svartmesse” clip below. The song appears on Kvelertak’s most recent album, Nattesferd, which is out now on Roadrunner.

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