Sludge-Soaked Hardcore Outfit Meatwound Dig Their Hooks in Deep with “Seance”


Over on No Clean Singing this morning, hell opened its mouth and puked out one of the dirtiest tracks to surface so far this year: Floridian harbingers of sludge-soaked hardcore Meatwound debuted the blistering “Séance” off their upcoming album Largo.

While the word “séance” might bring to mind nag champa and chanting for a peaceful reanimation in some wiccan basement, this is a far more knife-to-the-gut evisceration and reading of the entrails type sound. Imagine wretching up a kidney and bleeding from your eye sockets, but in a fun way that makes you wanna slam dance with your pals. Alternately titled “Haunted House,” some interesting events occurred around the writing of the track in the band’s old practice space. Vocalist Daniel Shook goes into full detail about the Lovecraftian experience that was creating what started out as “a straight exorcism ritual transcript,” which you can read about here.

No Clean Singing has the exclusive on the track, so go and listen to it right here.

Largo will be released on May 12 via Magic Bullet records; pre-order it here.


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