For the Five of Us Who Care, Here’s the First New L.A. Guns Song with Both Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis in a Million Years



L.A. Guns have released “Speed,” their first new song since guitarist/namesake Tracii Guns reunited with vocalist Phil Lewis for the third time (the line-up is rounded out by three guys no one has ever heard of). This is semi-exciting news for those of us who were kids when Hollywood Vampire was cool. Also semi-exciting news is that the song is semi-decent. I don’t think it’s as good as the material from their last pair of reunion albums, 2001’s Man in the Moon and 2003’s Waking the Dead, but it’s not embarrassing. That’s a real accomplishment for any hair metal band in 2017.

Check out “Speed” below. It will appear on L.A. Guns’ new album, the adorably titled The Missing Peace (get it?), which comes out October 13 on Frontiers. Pre-order it here.

Also, if you’re curious about those other reunion albums I mentioned…

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