Video: Marty Friedman Eats a Lot of Bacon


Marty Friedman has expressed his lack of interest in bacon before — he’s claimed he could live without it for the rest of his life — but in this video with Metal Injection guest host Adam Poch we get to see Marty expand his palette. Adam takes Friedman out to BarBacon in New York to attempt to change his mind on the most delectable pork-based treat of all while chatting about his new album Wall of Sound.

I stopped paying attention to the interview when I saw those bacon tacos and whatever that bacon and watermelon thing is; holy shit, that looks so good! Says Marty of the concoction, “This is like a master chef when he’s totally stoned on drugs came up with this.”

Watch the clip below, and check out Marty’s latest album Wall of Sound here.

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