Rob Halford on Gay Rights: “There’s Still a Long Way to Go”


Every time we cover gay rights on MetalSucks, we get a herd of 4chan-types bitching and moaning about how us snowflakes are exaggerating, the LGBTQ community isn’t persecuted, etc. But it is my sincere hope that you’ll take the words of Rob Halford far more seriously than you take the words of MetalSucks. Not only is he gay, but despite what some would tell you, he is, truly, The Metal God. To even try and deny his cred is a fool’s errand; you might as well attempt to argue that the sky is beige and grass is neon pink and Dave Lombardo revolutionized heavy metal bass guitar.

So, with that in mind, read this heartbreaking quote from a recent interview Halford did with FOX Sports 910 Phoenix (transcript via Metal Injection):

“I just get so frustrated and I get angry that here we are in 2017… I mean, growing up as a kid and suddenly realizing about my preferences… Well, it’s not really a preference — it’s who you are. You don’t make a choice. I am who I am. And because of the society that I grew up in, and to a still great extent today, we have this tremendous pushback in equality.

“I always kind of felt, as I was going through my teen years and my twenties and thirties, things would be better, but they’re not. There’s still a long way to go in America, and in my home country. And in some parts of the world, people like me get thrown off buildings, people like me get hung, just because of who we are. So the injustices that are put against gay people, much like the injustices against people of color, or people that have tremendous difficulties with accepting religions…”

“It’s a crazy world, isn’t it? You’d think that by now we’d have just figured things out and live and let live and love each other and just accept each other for who we are. Life is short.”

Halford hasn’t discussed politics much in the past year, so it’s good to hear him speaking up (even if what he has to say is depressing). Halford is in a position to do so much for the metal community’s perspective on gays — because, again, only a really nitwit would dare question his level of coolness. If Halford can’t sway the “Ripper” Owenses of the world, no one can.

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