Harakiri for the Sky’s “Tomb Omnia”: U Jam?



Listening to “Tomb Omnia,” the new song from the most excellent Austrian duo Harakiri for the Sky, will be the shortest eight minutes of your life. I’m still chewing it over, but I think that might be because although it’s epically epic, it’s a tightly structured narrative, not a sprawling tone poem. The band’s music exists at the intersection of moody, cinematic melodeath (Insomnium, Mar de Grises, etc.) and moody, cinematic black metal (Celeste, Agrimonia, et al.), which means that even though it’s aggro, it’s comparatively easy on the ears. It also sounds surprisingly massive for a band with only two dudes.

Make eight minutes feel like four by listening to “Tomb Omnia” below, courtesy of Monobinaca. The track comes off of the band’s new album, Arson, which comes out on February 16 on AOP. Pre-order it here!

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