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Peep These Awesome Pop Stars Gone Metal Shirts


Last wek, someone — and I can’t remember who now, so I apologize to that person! — sent me a link to the below Darkthrone/Abba mash-up shirt, which is actually for really real on sale here (for just five bucks!), and which, I gotta say, is actually pretty cool:

But now Metal Injection has come across these shirts, which aren’t as specific with regards to which metal band is being paired with which pop artist, but which I actually think are even funnier:

Unfortunately, as of yet, Metal Injection hasn’t been able to track down anyplace where these can be purchased. Which makes me sad, because I would totally buy that Celine Dion shirt and wear it to shows. I would also wear it to family events, so that my relatives who don’t think writing about metal is a dignified job would feel more comfortable around me. I try to be accommodating that way.

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