Here’s the Poster for Three from Hell, Rob Zombie’s Sequel to The Devil’s Rejects


Since everyone seems so stoked on Three from Hell, Rob Zombie’s upcoming threequel to House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects, I thought you might wanna see this new poster for the movie, featuring Bill Mosley as ‘Otis.’ It doesn’t really tell us much… although the fact that it’s a mugshot, combined with the fact that previously released stills from the movie were showed our antiheroes in jail and in court, suggests that that the Firefly family was captured and arrested at the end of Rejects and are now on trial for their crimes. Apparently there’s been some speculation online that this trial might even take place in Hell (i.e., the Fireflies didn’t survive the end of Rejects, which I think was the assumption when that movie came out). Neat idea, but there’s no real evidence to back that up right now.

In addition to the poster, we have some more new stills from the movie for ya, too. One is of Richard Brake, who appeared in Zombie’s 31 (but will always be the guy who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents to me); the other is of an unidentified actor who looks like Hunter Hunt-Hendrix had a real bad coupla weeks.

Look for Three from Hell sometime next year.

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