Corey Taylor Wishes You’d Listen to He Is Legend’s New Song “White Bat”


Musically speaking, He Is Legend’s new song “White Bat” is typically great of this wonderfully singular act. The band is in a groove now, cranking out their signature brand of deceptively complex music that’s too metal for the hard rock set and too light for the metal crowd. I don’t see that snafu for the band changing anytime soon, but perhaps Corey Taylor’s endorsement will sway any of you who may’ve been on the fence about He Is Legend.*

I’m ordinarily not much of a lyrics guy, but seeing as “White Bat” arrived in lyric video form I paid attention to the words here. My best interpretation (on just one listen through, given) is that there are two metaphoric white bats, lovers perhaps, who mostly stay in the dark and keep to themselves. One wants to venture out into the world while the other doesn’t. Can you guess which is Schuylar Croom?

Check out “White Bat” below. If the teaser at the end of the video is any indication, more is on the way soon.

* Corey Taylor could not be reached for comment.

[via The PRP]

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