Watch the New Video for He Is Legend’s “Sand” from One of the Best Albums of 2017


Our year-end lists are coming! Very soon! Like, next week soon. Get ready for the barrage.

I haven’t settled on my final list yet, but one album that’ll definitely make the cut is He Is Legend’s Few. The uncategorizable metal/rock act has done it again with yet another stellar collection of unstoppable, infectious, masterfully crafted songs. It’s a phenomenal work! You can, and should, stream it in full right here.

For now: a very pretty looking video for the album track “Sand” shot on — appropriately enough — a beach. I don’t know a ton about pro video production, but there’s something about the color palette here, or perhaps some way the video was treated in post, that’s positively gorgeous; the muted tones are just perfect, made all the more haunting by the cloudy day.

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