Stream Mastiff’s New Sludge Banger “Hellcircle”


I’m really happy we can name bands after dogs now. My future grindcore/opera crossover project shall be deemed “Pug.”

Mastiff, on the other hand, are a self proclaimed “miserable band from a miserable town,” slinging forth a grimy, sludgy sound that’s straight from the bottom of the swamp. They have an infectious new album on the way called Plague, their first from APF records and their most misanthropic to date. “Born of their disgust at humanity’s false nature, and the way in which our deceit and lies spread through social media, Plague is the culmination of a lifetime of frustration, hatred and sorrow, filtered through the most brutal and pummelling material Mastiff have ever concocted.”

As if being dark and brootal and full of hatred weren’t enough, Mastiff also put in the effort to get a very authentic sound out of their music. Plague was recorded entirely live in one room with no overdubbing, bringing forth an onslaught of raw grit and grind. Stream Plague‘s first single “Hellcircle” below, and pre-order the album here ahead of its release on February 1st.

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