Mastiff Deliver Unadulterated Grindcore Nastiness in New Video “Brainbleed”


Mastiff’s new video for “Brainbleed” is 46 unadulterated seconds of nasty, sludgy, grindcore. Although we are only provided under one minute of absolute sensory assault, the band took full advantage by providing atonal misery from the beginning. Half way in, the riffs get slower and dirtier, evolving into merciless head-slamming with honest “when the breakdown plays but even slower” goodness. Color me officially intrigued.

With a video so disgusting and explicit you need to log into your YouTube account to prove your age, you know it’s going to be good. The imagery of coagulated blood paired with the band’s unrelenting and uncut gutturals straight from the sewer-y pits of some type of hell made me want to rip myself open from the inside-out from the adrenaline. And I mean that in the best possible way.

Mastiff’s first full-length album, Plague, is available now. You can stream via Spotify here, or show them love and order their limited edition vinyl here.

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