Lyric Video Premiere: Oblivion, “Negative Mass”


Did you all catch that Super Blood Wolf Moon lunar eclipse on Sunday night? How cool was that? The rare celestial event only happens once every few years when the moon is full (a prerequisite for any full lunar eclipse) and when it’s at the point of its orbit that’s closest to Earth, making it appear larger than usual (“super”). A wolf moon is the name given to any full moon in January, and the eclipsed body appears red because of the way sunlight is refracted through Earth’s atmosphere during the eclipse (“blood”). There you go! Super Blood Wolf Moon. It was trippy as fuck to see in person. 

All that’s got little to do with Oblivion’s ripping new self-titled album, other than that the band specifically timed its release to match this very special celestial event. MetalSucks is pleased to premiere the lyric video for the album closer “Negative Mass,” which you can watch below. And come to think of it, there’s something especially trippy and spacey about Oblivion’s music; it would’ve made the perfect soundtrack for the Super Blood Wolf Moon.

Check it out below. Oblivion is out now, and can be streamed in full and purchased on Bandcamp.

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