GOATWHORE DECLARE WAR ON TRIVIUM; launch “Campaign Against False Metal.”


You won’t read this anywhere else, kiddies, because it comes straight from Goatwhore frontman Ben Falgoust’s mouth to the ears of yours truly. As direct support to God Forbid on a sparsely attended Sunday night show January 7th at BB King’s in New York, Falgoust publicly berated Trivium, claiming they are purveyors of “false metal” and calling for Trivium mainman Matt Heafy to be “beheaded. Actually, he should be be-handed.”

Just what the Orlando-based Metallers Heafy and co. did to upset Goatwhore is unclear, but Falgoust’s jab appears to be a spiteful act of jealousy directed at a band that suddenly has way more fans than he could ever hope for (Full Disclosure: We at MetalSucks.net are supporters of Trivium all the way.) A core of fans up against the riser cheered at Falgoust’s condemnation, while a few people had the balls to shout out “We like Trivium” from the back. Falgoust again reminded audience members about the “Campaign against false metal” before launching into the band’s final song.

I’m sorry, Faldouche, but who nominated you as the Minister of Metal? If that title belongs to anyone, it’s Kerry King, and you’d be so lucky as to lick the sweat on Kerry King’s balls one day if you had a quarter of the talent of Slayer (or Trivium, for that matter). So what, maybe Trivium did write the best Metallica record that Metallica never wrote: at least it rocks, and they don’t need to wear lame-ass leather with metal spikes to prove that they’re “metal.” Sorry dudes, but you’ve lost some of us with this one, as you wanted. Keep on alienating potential fans; that’ll do real well for you. Good luck!

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