Just to clarify, lest some hipster throw their hair iron at me in anger, I explicitly went out of my way in the first Arcade Fire related post to say that the band’s music is not bad, just horribly overrated and average indie-rock. Rather it’s the undeserving hype and the ridiculous fans that I take issue with. So for today’s installment, top three reasons to hate Arcade Fire fans! “Us Kids Know” message board fans, this one’s for you!

1. Watching you guys post on here defending the band is just so fucking funny. Here you are writing page-long diatribes, yet you still feel the need to qualify the statement with “but I don’t really care what you think anyway.” Yeah, ok, sure you don’t.

2. Arcade Fire fans are the new Dashboard Confessional fans. Mark my words hipsters, next time the Arcade Fire rolls through your town you are going to be surrounded by gaggles of annoying 16 year-old girls singing every word of every song at the top of their lungs. Your little “secret” band is going to blow up (already has), and then you will decide that you are now “too cool” for that scene and that the band “sold out,” because this is generally what indie-rock fans do. At least Chris Carraba knows how to write a good hook.

3. Posts like this one by “eyelids” on the fan message board:

You have a pet named Laika
Own bumper sticker “My band has a bigger organ then your band”
You wear your UKK shirt to funerals
When asked for your phone number you reply 1-866-Neon Bible
You play a bad ass air violin

I think that speaks for itself. See ya’ll tomorrow!


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