A video recently posted on YouTube.com of a Vince Neil solo band show in Libertyville, IL reminded me of the spectacle that is Vince Neil’s solo band live. For those that haven’t seen Neil’s live band, you are really missing out on a treat. Essentially, they are the world’s greatest Motley Crue cover band; typically they play one song from Vince’s solo catalogue, two tops. The band itself consists of a rotating cast of former L.A. Guns members. Remarkably, this time around not a single member has ever played in L.A. Guns (that I know of!), though the apple doesn’t far fall from the tree (or something like that); in addition to Dark New Day drummer Will Hunt (see earlier post), Neil’s band this time around is rounded out by Slaughter members Dana Strum and Jeff Blando on bass and guitar respectively.

But the true treat is in the performance. Neil has pretty much given up on singing; he generally sings a couple of lines, gets winded, holds the microphone out over the audience and lets the crowd do the rest. Given the nature of the Crue’s sing-along choruses he totally gets away with it. What’s more, he has background vocals on tape tracked through the sound-system! I’m not kidding folks, and I have first-hand evidence; in a past life and in another state, a band that was I was in opened for Vince Neil, and we were privy to the sound-check. Finally, this video is testament to the sad fact that the plastic surgery, lipo, dieting and fitness regimen that Neil was subjected to on national TV were all for naught; the dude is fat again. Oh well. He’s still Vince motherfuckin’ Neil.


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