• Axl Rosenberg

BLEEDING THROUGH LOSE A GUITARISTVince and I saw Bleeding Through live last summer at Ozzfest, which is to say, we watched them do one song and then went to go get a hotdog. Every once in awhile this band writes a decent but not spectacular breakdown, but really all they have going for them is Marta, the goth chick who does windmills while playing the keyboard who posed in a wet white dress with no bra for Revolver‘s “Sexiest Women in Metal” issue (FYI- she has nipples the size of dinner plates… but I digress).

ANYWAY: while it isn’t presently clear whether he was fired or quit, guitarist Scott Danough is apparently out of Bleeding Through. In case you’re wondering which one he is (I know I couldn’t tell until I did a Google image search), he’s not the guitar player who looks even more femme than Marta.


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