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a_amb-la-guns-blades-2.jpgDoes no one else find it shit-your-pants funny that after Tracii Guns quit his namesake band, L.A. Guns, the band hired some dude named Stacey Blades to replace him? When I first saw the name I thought to myself, “Well, surely it must be pronounced ‘Blah-dez,’ like the actor Reuben Blades – there’s no way these idiots would replace someone named after a weapon with someone named after a different weapon.” But, no, Stacey (why oh why not “Stacii?”), who even looks kinda like Tracii, does, indeed, pronounce it “Blades.” If he ever quits the band, my guess is they’ll hire someone named Kacee Cannon or Macii Club to replace him; hell, come to think of it, this whole two-bands-called-L.A. Guns debacle could be settled if the version Blades is in would just go ahead and change their name to “L.A. Blades.”

ANYWAY, Blades recently granted an interview to website Saviours of Rock. The interview spends an almost bizarre amount of time discussing the recent departure of bassist Adam Hamilton. Excerpts after the jump.

Saviours Of Rock: It’s unfortunate Adam [Hamilton, bass] chose to leave?

Stacey: We weren’t that shocked when Adam told us he was leaving. I think we knew for some time that he wanted to get off the road. Adam is definitely going to be missed. We really had some great times touring and recording together. He’s definitely at home in his studio. Adam is one of the most talented musicians I have ever worked with.

Saviours Of Rock: It kind of tarnishes the name again, doesn’t it? I mean, it really seemed like this was going to be a solid line-up?

Stacey: Well, I guess it was a bit of a shake-up, that’s for sure. It sucks when someone who has been with the band for a long time decides to leave. The show must go on!! Maybe we can reach the record for the most member changes in a single band. ha ha ha.

Look: you don’t have to be an original member of the band to be an important member of the band – just ask Marty Friedman, Sammy Hagar, Zakk Wylde or Ronnie James Dio. But the whole idea of Blades talking about Hamilton as an important member of the band whose departure might “tarnish the name” is, frankly, laugh-out-loud ridiculous. I mean, let’s have a quick show of hands here – can anyone name a single L.A. Guns song that Blades or Hamilton wrote or recorded? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?


P.S. With regards to Blades’ comment that “Maybe we can reach the record for the most member changes in a single band” – you already have, numb nuts. I mean, does anyone remember 1996’s American Hardcore? Probably not, but allow me to fill you in: it had a bass player named Johnny Crypt (not to be confused with 18 Visions’ bass player, Johnny Christ) and a singer named Chris something or other, neither of whom made to another album. This band has had more members than Guns N’ Roses, Megadeth, and Black Sabbath combined.

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