Tony SopranoJourney frontman Steve Perry was one of the few anxious Americans who actually knew what was going to happen in Sunday’s Sopranos season finale — because he insisted on knowing the ending before allowing his song “Don’t Stop Believin’” to be used on the show. MTV.com reports:

“I was not excited about [the possibility of] the Soprano family being whacked to ‘Don’t Stop Believin’,” said Perry, who watched the show with glee Sunday night and again on Monday. “I told them, ‘Unless I know what happens — and I will swear to secrecy — I can’t in good conscience feel good about its use.’” The show’s producers made Perry promise to keep it under his lid, which he did, and then they spilled the beans on how the song was used and how the show ends, after which Perry signed off.

Apparently Perry wasn’t the only one who feared getting whacked if he spilled the season finale beans; Jonathan Cain, Perry’s former bandmate and co-writer of the song along with guitarist Neil Schon, didn’t even tell his wife:

“I didn’t want to blow it,” he told AP. “Even my wife didn’t know. She looked at me and said, ‘You knew that and you didn’t tell me?’ “

“Don’t Stop Believin’” is currently #21 on the iTunes “Top Songs” list.


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