• Axl Rosenberg

Fuck Paris fucking Hilton, fuck Perez fucking Hilton, fuck Barabra fucking Walters, fuck Larry fucking King, and fuck anyone who gives a flying fuck about what this spoiled, mentally deficient shit stain and of a twat has to fucking say about fucking anything, including her fifteen fucking seconds in the clink. Take away her millions of fucking dollars and endless fucking press coverage and all you’re left with is a stupid, ugly, flat chested cum rag of a wench. Nothing that has ever come out of that girl’s mouth is, has been, or ever will be fucking news worthy (and I can say that because I spend half my day writing about heavy fucking metal, so I know from “not fucking news worthy”). The only time anybody should ever watch this bitch on television is when they televise her fucking execution. Cry for your mommy then, cuntmunch.

While we’re on the topic, fuck Lindsay fucking Lohan and Britney fucking Spears and that fucking cheerleader bitch from that awful show Heroes that everyone seems to think is so fucking great. That bitch is the next not-at-all-newsworthy waste of air, mark my words.

While we’re on the topic, fuck people who like fucking Heroes but think that the finale of The Sopranos fucking sucked. It’s not David Chase’s fault that you don’t like to think, you fucking idiot.

Fuck Dick fucking Cheney. He’s fucking breaking the fucking law and no one is doing a fucking thing about it because everyone is too fucking concerned with Paris fucking Hilton. Jesus fucking Christ. Being the Vice fucking President of the United fucking States of fucking America and claiming you’re not fucking part of the executive fucking branch is fucking stupider than supporting a bunch of homophobic fucking doucheturds when your daughter is a fucking lesbian. Oh, wait.

Fuck everyone who is letting all this fucking shit fucking happen. The world is fucking to going to hell in a fucking hand basket and it’s all your fucking fault. Get fucking bent.

Fuck Aracde fucking Fires fans. Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you, you indie fucking rock fucking poseurs. Remember a few years back when you were all fucking raving about The fucking Hives? Where the fuck are the fucking Hives now? They couldn’t get a fucking tour opening for either fucking version of L.A. fucking Guns if their lives fucking depended on it. Fuckers.Fuck Fred fucking Durst. I haven’t fucking said it awhile, so fuck that guy.

Fuck this guy. You fucking think that having a lot of fucking money and little bit of fucking power gives you the right to stop behaving like a human fucking being, but you eat, piss, shit, put your pants on one leg at a time and scream in fucking agony when someone sticks a red fucking hot fucking poker in your fucking eye, just like the fucking rest of us. Well, if you’re not fucking human, then I won’t feel any more fucking guilt about ripping your fucking limbs off then I would about ripping a fucking cockroach’s fucking limbs off. I hope your fucking child goes all fucking Menendez Brothers on your fucking ass.

Most of all, fuck anyone who thinks I need anger fucking management. This is my anger fucking management, you fucking idiot. Fucking blow me.


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