DredgWeirdo NoCal hard-space-rockers Dredg have issued an update via their MySpace page. The update, written in eloquent and curious prose as you might expect from Dredg, includes news about a new album, song names/topics, a tour, and other assorted weirdness. Click through to read the full text.

Subject: A much needed update on 7/8/07

Body: dredg are currently embarking on the productive journey through the chaotic.
After a solid year of creative endeavors and unobstructed chance we have inched our way towards the completion of our next offering.
About 12-15 individual demonstrations are now documented but more await within the uterus of our collective conscience.

Some of their names…possibly?

-Light Switch
-Wondrous Miracle
-Push Away

Some of their topics…probably.

“oh, he was shot down/in the public square/he claimed his innocence/but no one seemed to care/his hands were stained with guilt/he had a passion for the unjust/he tried many times/but he could never trust”

Where we are collaborating and getting inspired…

Population: 210,160
Random Fact: Largest Afghan population in the U.S.

If you like to drink…have a Lagavulin

If you like art…Brian Eno’s “77 million paintings”

If you like sound…www.audium.org

dredg will be touring the west coast in September and soon after that we will be entering the studio to record so stay posted…

blue skies,



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