At All Cost CAt All Cost have a new e-card available for their forthcoming release Circle of Demons, due July 31 on Century Media. Says the press release: “Within a minute you’ll hear why this band was born to kill, with every strum of every note of every riff forcing itself on your ear cells like a meteor crushing a flower. Both melodies and riffs these days can get a little repetitive, but AAC’s genesis of melodic thrash was designed simply to rape your speakers. By the time you read this these boys will be winding down from the road from support of their debut CD coming at the very end of July and if you want to see the results of what they look like after a tour make sure to check out that E-Card. Now the clock ticks down for one of CM’s most unique spawns. America has no idea what kind of carnage is about to be released so consider this your warning.” Truer words have never been spoken.

MetalSucks also has three exclusive photos directly from the band. One is at right, and two more after the jump.

At All Cost Trey

At All Cost B

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