• Axl Rosenberg

61xlrgz7hll_ss500_.jpgYeah, yeah, you’re still cynical about Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake – so am I. But if anyone can pull it off, it’s Monsieur Zombie – I mean, The Devil’s Rejects isn’t just another “torture porn” movie like Hostel; it’s a bona fide 70’s American New Wave (of cinema, not metal) style character study that just happens to feature lots and lots of violence. But if the phrase “TUITY FUCKIN’ FRUITY!” means nothing to you, well… then you need to go out and rent this movie ASAP.

Zombie is now once again bucking trends with the soundtrack for his version of Halloween: instead of the usual shitty nu metal acts that populate the soundtracks for shit like Saw XI or Resident Evil: Excrement or whatever the fuck, the dude has loaded his movie up with plenty of 70’s goodness – including Kiss, Iggy Pop, Blue Oyster Cult, Rush, The Misfits, and, naturally Alice Cooper’s immortal “Only Women Bleed.” Zombie even resisted the temptation to stick himself on the soundtrack, thus denying himself the most obvious and available cash grab.

You can pre-order the HalloweenROB ZOMBIE UNLEASHES THE BEST SOUNDTRACK OF THE YEAR soundtrack right now through your good friends here at MetalSucks… or just enjoy this live video of Cooper doing “Only Women Bleed.”

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