David Lee RothAccording to an eyewitness report posted on Blabbermouth, some shenanigans went down at the last of four “secret” Van Halen rehearsals this past Sunday, September 17. About 500 people were in attendance as opposed to the 40 or 50 who attended the other three gigs; the A-list of people at this one included Tom Morello, Kirk Hammet, and Zakk Wylde. According to the report:

“About two songs into the show, Zakk — who was front row — tried to get onstage with Eddie. The security were wrestling to pull him off and David Lee Roth came over and said, ‘Nah, nah, nah. Are you in show biz? Then get off the stage. Get off the fucking stage.’ At that point Eddie came over and acknowledged Zakk, saying something to the effect of, ‘Hey, man, I can’t do this right now.’ Throughout the show though Eddie was smiling at Zakk. At one point Zakk swapped shoes with one of his guests (a girl who was wearing high heels) and spent a good portion of the show wearing these!!”

Zakk Wylde is the man, the ultimate fanboy when it comes to his heroes. I can only assume it’s been his lifelong dream to play on stage with Eddie and Dave; after all, he named his son “Hendrix Halen Michael Rhoads Wylde” but was a pre-pubescent teenager the last time Diamond Dave and EVH rocked the stage together. At least he can say he was on stage with them for a few seconds, albeit at a rehearsal and not with a guitar.


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