abigail_williams_photo.jpgI was pretty impressed with Legends, the debut EP by Arizona’s barely-old-enough-to-legally-drink symphonic black melodic death metalcore act Abigail Williams, and was pretty bummed when the band broke-up earlier this year. It seemed kinda odd that such a promising young band – one that had just put out Legends four months prior, had toured as direct support for no less a band than Enslaved, and were scheduled to enter the studio with legendary producer James Murphy to record their first full-length – would fall apart so quickly, but at the time I wrote it off as a classic lesson in “too much, too soon” – they’d been together all of 18 months when Candlelight signed them, despite being plagued by constant line-up changes.

Well, now Lambgoat reports that they’re – you guessed it! – back together again, living in a new state (Ohio – just as boring as Arizona, but less arid) with a revamped line-up (super hot, classically trained keyboardist Ashley Jurgemeyer, aka Ellyllon, is apparently out of the band), and touring with Malevolent Creation, Cattle Decapitation, Light This City, and some band I’ve never heard of called Veil Of Maya, who I will almost certainly check out given my proclivity for falling helplessly in love with girls named “Maya.” But I digress.

So ANYWAY, we’ll have to wait and see how this one pans out. Hopefully the band will continue as though they never stopped and make an awesome LP with James Murphy, but who the fuck knows? They could break up again tomorrow.


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