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slash.jpgSlash’s Slash is no The Dirt: it’s not as entertaining, it’s riddled with factual inaccuracies, and given that Slash recently gave an interview where he admitted that he was so fucked up in the old days he can’t remember half the things he’s writing about, it’s tough to take it too seriously as a record of what really happened back in the GN’R days (which would be fine if Slash wasn’t telling people he wrote the book to “straighten shit out” with regards to his former band)… but for a hardcore Guns fans such as myself, it’s still a must-read.

So as far as publicity ploys to sell a product go, this is a pretty fun one: Anthony Bozza – a.k.a. the guy who actually wrote the fucking book – has started a blog in which, a press release tells us, “he gives his suggested tracks by Slash to listen to while reading the book.” An excerpt follows:

“During the course of poring through the hours of interview transcript we complied and writing the resulting narrative that you all know as Slash, I of course called upon Mr. Hudson’s entire catalog, with and without Guns, for inspiration during many a late night. The book was intense work; we interviewed five nights a week from around midnight until the wee hours for a few months, and my writing took place over the next four months (I don’t suggest trying this if you don’t have to), typically on the same schedule.”

Click here to read the rest of the blog, to watch videos of Slash promoting the book, and a bunch of other neat shit I’m sure only people as obsessed with the Top Hatted One as I am will give a flying fuck about.


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