• Axl Rosenberg

At some point, I would really love it if someone could explain to me what makes the Japanese so fucking special that they always get extra tracks with their album releases. Since I was a kid, I was perpetually aware that Japanese albums are superior to American ones, because they always have extra music on them. What’s the fucking deal?

ANYWAY, Divine Heresy are one of the many, many, many bands that have a bonus track on the Japanese version of their release, Bleed the Fifth, that was not released here in the States. Luckily for all the Dino Cazares fans out there, the band is now streaming the track, the typically upbeat monikered “Purity Defiled,” which means it’s only a matter of time until someone rips it into mp3 format, thus allowing all the group’s non-Japanese fans to have it on their iPods, too.

And while we’re on the topic: don’t forget to check out our interview with Divine Heresy. ‘Cause we did an awesome job, if I do so say so myself.


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