• Axl Rosenberg

erna.jpgThanks to MetalSucks reader TTQuick for forwarding me the following press release, which is, to put it mildly, absolutely hilarious:

“While his Godsmack pals are off doing Another Animal, Sully Erna is quietly working on a solo record. The singer tells Billboard.com, ‘It’s gonna be nothing like rock music. It’s gonna be very Native American tribal rhythms mixed with these Middle Eastern bluesy kind of vocals.’”

I have three problems with the above paragraph:

  1. You’re not “quietly working on a solo record” if you do a press release.
  2. Middle Eastern vocals are not “bluesy.” At all.
  3. Sully Erna doing “Native American tribal rhythms” ranks right up there with Sebastian Bach rapping in terms of terrible, horrible, incredibly awful ideas.

I could lie and tell you I’ll never listen to the Sully Erna Experiment at all, but I probably will. So that I make fun of it on this site.

See? So much to look forward to in 2008!


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