Only Living Witness

I hadn’t, until Andrew @ Aversionline posted a very personal homage to the Boston-based band’s seminal album Innocents, consisting of lots of lines like this: “The album’s that fucking incredible. Seriously.”

That’s the kind of passion that speaks to me as a music fan, and not that I wouldn’t listen to whatever he posted anyway — but this especially piqued my interest. And it’s fucking great, part Corrosion of Conformity badassed-ness and part punk DIY fuckyou-ness. The best part about it is that like Andrew’s post it drips with emotion, from the raw, heavy guitars to the impassioned vocals. And that voice? One of a kind.

Fans of Shadows Fall might be familiar with their cover of Only Living Witness’s “December” on the B-sides album Fallout From the War, the original of which is on OLW’s MySpace page.

Check out Andrew’s piece on Only Living Witness at Aversionline. Here’s a link to an mp3 to whet your appetite, with one more on the site:

Only Living Witness – “Downpour”


[Only Living Witness on MySpace]

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