god_forbid_400_1_400x300.jpgWell, not really. Chino, CA’s David Cazares – who, as far as we are aware, is not actually of any relation to Dino – has been announced as the winner of the contest to name God Forbid’s new DVD. The winning title is Beneath the Scars of Glory and Progression, which, admittedly, is not the catchiest title in the world, but based on what Doc Coyle told us about the DVD when we interviewed him last month, it’s a dead-on in terms of thematic content:

“…the story of our band… it’s a very interesting story. It’s not like a typical success story – like, if you watch the Killswitch [Engage] DVD it’s like, ‘We did this, and it was amazing. And then we did this, and it was more amazing. And then we got big, and then we got rich!’ …it’s all great stuff, and with us it’s like yin and yang – it’ll be good, we’ve had good stuff happen to us and we’ve had bad stuff. This is the tale of a struggling, working band, in the fight, but not where they wanna be.”

I hope this DVD is as cool as Coyle says it is; I’m pretty confident that, at the very least, the concert film portion will be, since a) we were there and it fucking rocked and b) it was directed by David Brodsky. And in any case, I think we can all feel grateful that the runner-up for the contest, the entirely too cutesy Constitution of Touring, wasn’t selected.

Amazingly, there’s still no official release date for this thing. We’ll keep you updated.


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