2006 was a landmark year for metal whatwith future-classic records from Lamb of God and Mastodon (among others) and the breaking of everyone’s favorite underground French metal band, Gojira, onto the international metal scene. When Axl and I were in England for Download Festival that summer, we read a spot in Kerrang that listed Gojira as a must-see for the event. Figuring we had nothing to lose we checked them out, and we were not disappointed. We saw them again opening for Children of Bodom and Amon Amarth here in the States at the very same show that spawned the idea for this website, and FUCK, do these Frenchmen know how to bring it live.

Their 2006 record From Mars to Sirius was one of the most strikingly brutal and original albums to come out that year, and boy are we psyched to hear what they come up with next. Blabbermouth reports that Gojira are finishing up writing for their next record we type, and are planning to enter the studio in April for a projected Fall release. It’s sure to be a little while since Joe Duplantier has to fulfill touring obligations for Cavalera Conspiracy, but still: time to get excited yet?

Check out Kip’s “Saturday Song to Get Stoned To” column last month featuring Gojira, and check out the band’s MySpace page too while you’re at. It will improve your day that much.


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