Reunion Mania



Led Zep - PlantThe Sunday Mirror reports that Robert Plant shot down an offer for £300 million to do a Led Zeppelin reunion world tour, clashing with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones who both wanted to go ahead with it. Plant said he’d rather focus on his new project with country singer Alison Krauss; the pair’s duet album Raising Sand reached #2 in America and Britain and they are starting their own tour in April.

Can I be the first to say… thank fucking God. Though seeing Zeppelin live would be extremely cool (if I decided to fork over the gigormous amount of dough it would have cost, which would’ve been unlikely anyway), a world tour would tarnish the legacy of Zeppelin and make them look like flip-floppers for re-negging on their promise to play just the one reunion show last year in honor of late Atlantic Records president Ahmet Ertegun. I think the world will be a little better off — and our wallets thicker — if this does not happen.


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