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Perry FarrellIn a recent interview with about Jane’s Addiction’s selection to receive the “Godlike Genius” award at the US NME Awards (to be held April 23 in Los Angeles), the broken-up group’s guitarist Dave Navarro seemed to leave the door open for another Jane’s Addiction reunion:

“The bottom line is that we have been getting along great and are moving forward with our personal and musical relationships… As it stands, we are planning on attending the awards as a unit and I really don’t have anything else that is concrete to report at the moment. We are all very happy with how things are evolving!”

Navarro also slammed the press for taking drama-free news and “find[ing] reason to fuck it up.”

Nothing to fuck up here. The band is certainly worthy of the award, having crossed multiple genres and inspired a generation of bands. It also sounds like a reunion may be in the works, though he didn’t specifically comment on the matter. This would be the third so-called Jane’s Addiction reunion — the first around 1999 (I had tickets to see them perform live on SNL and couldn’t go — I’m still sour about it) and the second for the 2003 edition of Lollapalooza. The Lollapalooza reunion was the first time I’d seen Jane’s Addiction live, and they really, really impressed; the show was phenomenal. The aforementioned reunion also resulted in the album Strays, which pretty much blew aside from the single “Just Because” which was as good as any prior Jane’s material.

So are we in line for a third Jane’s reunion? If so, count me in. Even if you’re not a believer in reunions, anything will be better than The Panic Channel and Satellite Party.


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