Metal sucks, always has, always will. This much we know. But naturally we’re always looking to improve our site. What are some features you guys would like to see? In particular, we’re wondering what you think about the following (but by no means is this all we’re considering — please feel free to suggest anything):

  • comment tracking, so you get an email each time someone responds to a string you’ve already commented on. yay or nay? could be useful but could also be annoying.
  • a shoutbox / chat box in the sidebar
  • more or less of a particular kind of content (i.e. interviews, videos, guest blogs, etc)
  • improvements to the overall layout and design of the site
  • free blow jobs

Please let us know what you think, or if you have any other ideas, by commenting below. Thanks for all your continued support.

-VN, AR & KW

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