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So, yes, we saw Unearth on Friday night*, and they pretty much slayed it. There wasn’t quite as much jumping off of amplifiers as I might have liked, but their set was violent – I mean, I saw one dude come out of the pit with blood absolutely gushing from his head – so I guess that more than makes up for it.

The big news of the night (at least for music dorks like us) though, was that vocalist Trevor Phipps announced from the stage that the band will be entering the studio to record a new album in June – with producer Adam D. Unearth fans will remember that Adam D. produced most of the band’s old albums (including their breakthrough, The Oncoming Storm), but that the band’s most recent release, III: In the Eyes of Fire, was done with Terry Date (Pantera, Deftones, etc.).

I’m more than a little curious to know why Unearth are going back to Adam D. – not that I think the reunion is a bad thing (I actually much prefer Storm to Fire). The documentary included on the band’s recent DVD, Alive from the Apocalypse, indicates that they had a good working relationship with Date. So was it a money issue? A scheduling issue? Or, having seen other people and sown their wild oats (so to speak), is Unearth now ready to settle down with their high school sweetheart?

In any case, hopefully we’ll get a new Unearth album before the end of the year (the band played a single new riff on Friday night – it sounded suspiciously like the breakdown from Pantera’s “Domination”). In the meantime, if you haven’t watched Alive from the Apocalypse, you probably should – both the documentary and the concert film included on it are killer.


*It’s more than worth mentioning that Shadows Fall headlined, and I think they played the most energetic set I’ve ever seen them perform. Craziness.

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