requiem.jpgScott Hull is the fuckin’ man dude. Aside from his God-like contributions to Pig Destroyer, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Anal Cunt (does this dude have a talent for being in bands with awesome names or what?), he also has some kind of top-secret government computer job, which probably means he’s reading this and ordering a wire tap on my phone even as I type this. Or, at the very least, that he’s the one responsible for hacking Metal Sludge. Scott Hull don’t suffer no Enuff Z’Nuff songs.

ANYWAYS, Lambgoat is now reporting that Hull has his first solo album, Requiem, coming out one June 10 in the US and June 16 everywhere else:

“According to Relapse, “Requiem sees Hull explore his long-time love for movies and cinema score in the form of a beautifully crafted piece of work’…

“Advance song titles from the album include: ‘Consequenze,’ ‘Visita all’ospedale,’ ‘Morte sul treno,’ and ‘Il funerale di Bonnie.’”

“Il funerale di Bonnie” is already the best song title I’ve heard all year. The other titles apparently translate to “Visit to the Hospital” and “Died on the Train,” which are, um, well, I dunno.

The audio samples currently avail on Hull’s MySpace page aren’t very grindy or even very metal at all – in fact, that hospital visit track kind of reminds me of a Tangerine Dream song – but I guess there’d be no point making a solo album if it was just gonna sound like Pig Destroyer without J.R. Hayes and Brian Harvey (and Blake Harrison, I suppose).

But here’s the really interesting part of this news: the cover art refers to the album as an “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.” If Hull is making a movie to go with this music, I’ll pee myself.


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