It’s been a rough, rough week for the fellas of Divine Heresy. First, as Axl reported on Tuesday, there was an altercation over the weekend at the band’s show in Poughkeepsie, NY the night before New England Metalfest, in which a shoving match ensued on-stage between vocalist Tommy “Vext” Cummings and guitarist Dino Cazares. Iann Robinson of None Louder reported:

“From what was being spread around the monitors were out and vocalist Tommy Vext couldn’t hear himself. After eight songs and fearing his voice might blow Vext requested the band cut the set short. Ex-Fear Factory member Dino Cazares shoved Vext and a physical altercation ensued. As far as we know the band is no more but that could change.”

The band subsequently canceled their appearance at Metalfest. Yesterday Cazares issued a statement through Headbanger’s Blog about the fight:

“He gave us 10 different reasons why we should stop — ‘My microphone doesn’t work, I got diarrhea, the monitors are f–ked up’ — whatever he could think of… And we decided that’s not fair to the fans. We wanted to give them a full show. We felt that he wanted to end the show early to go hang out at the New England Metal Fest, which we were supposed to be performing at the next day.”

Cazares also announced Cummings’ dismissal from the band and that the band was holding auditions for a new singer. The most recent twist is a video response from Tommy himself through Metal Injection. In the 8:45 minute exposition, Cummings explains the situation with the monitors, the altercation, and had this nugget to say:

“I’ve been suffering the indignities of Dino’s massive ego for as long as I’ve worked with him, and unfortunately everything I’ve heard about him had eventually come to fruition, and he is exactly as he’s been portrayed as by his ex-band members. And this happening now is the same reason why he’s not in Fear Factory anymore. It was a stepping stone in my life and I’m moving on.”

Soap opera time! It’s funny how years ago this would have all taken place through the press over a series of weeks or months, but now it happens in a matter of days with the wonders of the Interwebs. He goes on to say “It was the Dino Cazares show” and that he verbally and physically pushed members of the band around.

Watch Tommy’s full video response after the jump.


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