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What’s up motherfuckers? Yesterday [last Thursday, May 22 – Ed.] we played a show in Tempe, Arizona. Unfortunately, we played up against the Gigantour. Bad fucking idea. That was just the first bad idea involving yesterday’s show. Second bad idea was booking the show with a promoter who couldn’t cover his ass.

When you’re on the road most people would like to say it’s all about the music. Well, it is and it isn’t. With the cost of gas going up, the cost of crew and the need for the bands and clubs to make money, putting on a show is a risk assessment game. Yesterday the promoter skipped out on the show before we could get paid so we got FUCKED. We played in front of the people who came out so we held up our end of the deal. But this promoter, Gary Gingras at Faceless Music, who was the DUMB ASS who booked us opposite of Gigantour only 20 miles away is the one whose risk management was in the fucking gutter. Last time we played that very club we had a packed, almost sold out club. The show was utterly fucking brilliant. The cool thing was that The Sets crew, Kim and Steve, knew how fucked this guy was and they were ultimately fucking cool to help us get what we needed to have a passing grade show.

Ben and I from Soilent were talking about how good that previous show was. He was with Goatwhore on the bill when we played The Sets previously. It was amazing how far a good promoter and proper planning can make a show. For your info, Soilent didn’t get paid either. This promoter, Gary Gingras at Faceless Music, was a shitbag punk and I hope his balls get caught in a meat grinder. It definitely was “Faceless” Music cause his ass was nowhere to be found at the end of the night!

When we get to the club one of the first things we do is check the local paper to see if there are proper ads for the show. Yesterday there was not one poster in the club and not one ad for the show (including poster; print doesn’t work) in the local paper. Also it was raining hardcore in Phoenix for the first time since February. The day had a feel to it. So what did I do when I got to the club and computed all this bullshit in my pea-brain?

I started drinking. Not heavily but I was buzzed.

Luckily, we had a bunch of good friends who came out. They made the day cool. Also, we were going to Vegas the next day. If you’re having an issue with anything, Vegas can usually make everything better. I don’t gamble but there’s something about those cheesy, huge lights and the addicted gamblers faces that make me smile.

Note to bands: when you go on tour, do your homework. Sometimes it’s great to have other people do their jobs, but most times on the road people don’t do their jobs. Most people are actually trying not to do what they are paid to do. Imagine if your band or my band got on stage and ACTED as if we were not trying. Imagine if we were just standing by our amp with our head down sobbing and not bringing the thunder?

In this business, most people are doing that. Unfortunately, they don’t have stage lights and a crowd judging their performance. We do. But the good thing is, being in a band, you don’t need those lights to kick ass because we grade ourselves and we push ourselves because we’re fucking winners.

I’d like to thank The Sets crew for really being pro. I’d like to thank our tour manager Jeff Hill for dealing with that NIGGER and being professional. Yes, Gary is a white man! He’s a nigger. Stick by your word. I’d like to send ‘No Thanks’ to Gary Gingras.

Give us our money, nigger…


[Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this blog entry are solely those of Dallas Coyle. MetalSucks does not necessarily endorse these viewpoints.]

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