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Misery Signals vocalist Karl Schubach just did an interview with Way Too Loud!, and while I’m not really a Misery Signals fan, the following part of the interview, about Devin Townsend, who’s producing the band’s new album, did catch my attention:

WTL: Did you per chance say anything about [Townsend’s] haircut?

Karl: He doesn’t have the hair anymore! The skullet is now no more! It was a shock at first when he showed up. The guys were holding bets whether or not he’d have the hair, and it’s reign of terror is over. I’ve seen pictures of it. I think he has the hair at home in a box, or so he claims.

First he murders Strapping Young Lad, then the skullet? Say it ain’t so, Dev!!!

On behalf of MetalSucks, Vince’s beard, and funny hair cuts everywhere, I’d like to send my condolences to the skullet’s family. I hope Devin soon chooses to release it from its back, cremate it, and spread its ashes over Lake Ontario like it always wanted.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go tell my kids that Uncle Dev’s skullet went to go live on a farm where it could play freely in the fields with all the other old skullets.


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