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The Hard R - Dallas Coyle God Forbid

Conservative Vs Liberal

Now that Obama is the presumptive Democratic nominee, things have become really boring with this presidential race. The best thing about it now is watching these Republican and Democratic strategists push their agendas. It truly is sad sometimes when you see a person give themselves a title that paints them into a corner so they have a place to fight from. Conservative. Liberal. Progressive.

These titles people give themselves show how hard it is for them to find their own opinion. Sometimes if you ask someone why they are voting Republican they’ll say,’I have conservative values. I’m a conservative.’ You ask them why they vote Democratic they’ll say,’Because Reagan was an asshole! He took a lot of jobs from people.’ Usually responses like this are from people who haven’t done their homework. In this day and age getting on a computer to get info shouldn’t be a chore. The info is out there.

I don’t believe in those stupid fucking labels. Conservative? Most people would paint me as a liberal. it’s easier for them to do that but I love the 2nd amendment. I don’t think it should be taken away from us as Americans. I think it’s as important as any other amendment. If a Republican heard me say that without knowing who I am, he may think I was a ‘Conservative Republican’. I’m not but I DO hold some conservative values and I do have some liberal leanings.

I even reject the term ‘Independent’ now because all these news stations have branded that as an agenda too. It’s funny. It makes me think of metal heads who hate hip hop music but can never come up with any good reason as to why.

Politics is such a dirty game but it teaches me a lot about how it is in the world we live in. Most people aren’t informed. Most people don’t want to know what’s going on. Most people would like other people make decisions for them. This is why politics is always about ‘Defining Your Opponent’.

Each politician is doing the homework for the public and if they do it right then they will win. It seems Obama has a one up on McCain because McCain just seems lost, old and out of touch. The funny thing is Obama doesn’t even have to do anything for that to happen. McCain does it to himself.

People shouldn’t try to define themselves as anything. Conservative, Liberal, Metalhead, Indierock. It’s all bullshit. It’s all a way for your opponent to define you. Make no mistakes, most people want you to fail. They want to define you so you can’t move past that one thing you are now. If you’re doing that one thing well, watch out, they really want you to fail. There’s no way you can be more than just one thing! THE HORROR!

The saddest thing is people are defining themselves all the time. They define themselves so you know where they stand before the debate can begin. How fucking crazy is that? That just means no one cares what you think they just want you to know where they stand. They will lie and obscure the truth to keep themselves in their place while hoping you know your place.

Fuck it! What to do? Move on and enjoy yourself while other people are defining themselves.


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