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The Hard R - Dallas Coyle God Forbid

[That’s right bitches, God Forbid guitarist Dallas Coyle’s “The Hard R” blogs now have podcast brethren. We aren’t really sure whether these will be in addition to or in place of Dallas’ ‘Hard R’ column, or whether they’ll evolve into some sort of MetalSucks official podcast, or something else entirely. But for the time being, enjoy it for what it is — an audio version of The Hard R column that you’ve come to know and love. In this inaugural edition of The Hard R Podcast, Dallas plays some music, talks about politics, the latest God Forbid news, his thoughts on the Dino Cazares / Tommy Vext drama, Blabbermouth, and a whole bunch of other shit. Enjoy! – Ed.]

The Hard R Podcast #1 (click to download)

A sample excerpt from the podcast (thanks to Blabbermouth for transcribing!):

“I read Blabbermouth ’cause the shit is really just great. I mean, the guys on Blabbermouth, whoever is responding to this stuff, you guys are geniuses, really. I’m not saying that with any malicious intent either — I actually really love the disses. It gets really… Some people give you guys shit, but I respect the fact that you guys hate a lot of shit and you guys love Meshuggah. I love Meshuggah too. I love Meshuggah so much that I would like to scream it the way you guys type it in all caps and fourteen thousand exclamation points, but I have to keep my composure because I’ve gotta ‘act cool.’”

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