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MetalSucks reader David A. has alerted us to the fact that one of our collective favorite bands, At All Cost, have possibly broken up. In a blog posted yesterday on the band’s MySpace page, singer Andrew Collins revealed the news that we can’t say we didn’t see coming, which is that the band is taking some time off to collect themselves and figure out what’s next (without using the words “break” and “up”). After guitarist Trey Ramirez departed last fall for Pack of Wolves, bassist Clean Bobby left after the Hatebreed tour to pursue other interests, and drummer Johnny Oswald put up a message on his own MySpace blog announcing his drum kit was for sale… things didn’t look too good. Apparently Century Media dropped the band in the meantime after just one album, and it all went downhill from there.

The apparent breakup or hiatus is a tough pill for us to swallow — aside from At All Cost being one of the first bands we heavily championed (ya know, when we post several times a week about the same band), their 2007 Century Media release Circle of Demons was an amazing and grossly under-appreciated album, ranking near the top of both mine and Axl’s 2007 year-end lists. Sadly, I think the band’s demise was tied to their refusal to fit into one particular sound or scene, the fate of many a great band who have broken up before them. But this is what made them great and why we liked them… it couldn’t have been any other way.

Somewhat ironically, the band has posted two new rough demos on their MySpace page, the haunting “Heed the Wait” and the more typically AAC “Metal.” The lyrics of “Heed the Wait” are telling of the band’s situation.

Other than Pack of Wolves, we aren’t sure if other members are pursuing music at the moment.

Read Andrew’s full update on AAC’s MySpace Blog. We’ll keep you abreast of any new announcements regarding the band’s members as soon as we catch word.


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