Lambgoat is reporting that guitarist Mike Keller is now out of the band. Keller explains…

“A couple days ago I got a call from one of the guys informing me they made a mutual decision to become a four-piece. They offered little in ways of explanation but I can admit that in the past few tours I had grown apart from the rest of the band, both personally and musically. I was always kind of the oddball new guy of the group and was never really made to feel perfectly welcome. Things ended abruptly, unexpectedly, and weirdly but I hold no animosity. I believe I was ready for the next thing anyway.

“The past year and a half has been a great ride full of terrific memories and new friendships. Thanks to all the bands and fans, and anyone else who helped me out along the way.

“I’m not quite done with music yet, so please check out my future endeavors, including my solo project – Meek Is Murder (myspace.com/meekismurder), which I’m the process of turning into an actual band. Word.”

As a Red Chord fan, I don’t know quite how to react to this news. The last time I saw the band live, Keller was easily the least energetic member of the outfit, but for all I know, he had just eaten some bad burritos earlier that night and was afraid that if he jumped around too much he’d shit his pants. Songwriting-wise, Keller hadn’t been in the band that long and I’m not sure whether or not he made a substantial contribution to the band’s last album, Prey for Eyes.

But mostly, I’m confused about how The Red Chord will work as a four-piece; their music seems much too involved to me to lose that second guitarist. But I guess we’ll all find out real soon…


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