This Sucks


  • Axl Rosenberg

The below video, of a dance group called Spiritwo covering Sepultura’s “Inner Self,” was posted on Blabbermouth over the weekend. Now, I don’t wanna come off as one of those overzealous/undereducated Pantera fans who gets sand in his vagina just because Fall Out Boy covered “Walk” or Madonna played two bars of “A New Level” or MetalSucks points out that Phil Anselmo is a racist, but, seriously, the world’s Sepultura fans should all get together, track the lead singer of this band down, and cut her (and while you’re at it, do something about that fuckhead in the white dress). I mean, I’ve seen knife fights break out over the whole Max Cavalera versus Derrick Green thing, so this shit should definitely be cause for some neanderthal violence.

After the jump, wash the taste of piss, shit and cum out of your mouth by watching the actual video for the actual Sepultura performing the actual “Inner Self.”


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