Tomorrow, after all the months of hype and speculation and debate, Metallica’s new album, Death Magnetic, will finally hit stores. We obviously can’t predict how many copies it will sell or whether or not it will restore Metallica’s good name after the debacle that was St. Anger, but we can predict this: it will cause lots and lots of arguments within the metal community for days, weeks, months, and possibly even years to come.

Well, we’re all about arguing here at MetalSucks, so to celebrate (or mourn, depending on your point of view) Death Magnetic‘s release, we decided to have as many of the inhabitants of the MetalSucks Mansion as possible whip up a review with his unique take on the record. None of us consulted with one another beforehand, none of us discussed the album with one another – we each just retired to our separate rooms, grabbed a beer and/or bong, gave the disc a few spins and typed up our thoughts (Of course, some us retired to our rooms and never came back out again, which is why you’ll find reviews from a few key members of the MS team missing. Sorry.).

Some of us loved the album, some of us hated it, and some of us thought it was just okay. We’re going to publish each review throughout the course of the day, as well as some other Metallica-related shit. We’ll return to our usual MetalSucks goodness tomorrow, but for today, we declare ourselves METALLICASUCKS.

-Everyone at MetalSucks

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