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Now that you’ve all come down from the Death Magnetic food coma, perhaps you’d be interested in reading about something other than the latest output from four millionaires. Back away from the ledge, you pimply faced virgins, because it’s time for your noise news.

Robbing The Pimp To Give To The Saints
Positively poaching southern noisegazers All The Saints from the manicured clutches of the Killer Pimp imprint, the legendary Touch & Go Records has just dropped the digital download release of the new signee’s formidable debut album Fire On Corridor X. Snatch a free legit MP3 for “Sheffield” direct from T&G. For the petroleum stalwarts, a vinyl version is due out in November, while Killer Pimp, the growing Brainwashed-affiliated indie that also brought you A Place To Bury Strangers, remains the place to acquire the CD edition. The two acts have gigs coming up – some of them sharing the same bill – so click the appropriate links like good boys and girls. (Yeah, like girls read this blog!)

Aint No Tomorrow’s Party Like A Monticello Tomorrow’s Party
For those of you with money to burn, the New York installment of the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival enterprise kicks off one week from now. While I don’t fancy spending a weekend in Monticello sharing a hotel room with a bunch of strangers, don’t let my holier-than-thou attitude prevent you from experiencing the awe-inspiring lineup featuring SGOTW-friendly acts like Dinosaur Jr., Lightning Bolt, Thurston Moore (playing Psychic Hearts in its entirety), and, um, Shellac of North America. Have I mentioned before how much I love Shellac? Because I love Shellac, but not enough to go to Monticello. By the way, if the concept of the ATP weekender gives you special feelings in your no-no parts, then you might want to get thyself to the UK this December for the Melvins/Mike Patton co-curated Nightmare Before Christmas that boasts planned performances from Big Business, Butthole Surfers, The Damned, Teenage Jesus and The Jerks, and Torche.

Strung Out On That Afghani Cud
In this day and age, where Amazon and iTunes provide one-stop shopping for just about any album you might possibly want, why have I been unable to find a copy of The Heroine SheiksJourney To The End Of The Knife anywhere? The damn thing was put out by Amphetamine Reptile, for chrissakes! Anyway, you probably don’t have a clue that The Heroine Sheiks is the continuing project of former Cows frontman and butt-trumpeter Shannon Selberg. It once included the great Norman Westberg, but alas no more. Paul Sanders of Hammerhead joined the lineup for this one, and the noise rocketeers have a few shows forthcoming in September and October. In the meantime, if anyone knows where I can securely buy a digital version of this record, throw me an e-bone.

Kayo Dot Their Eyes, Cross The Country
Stop trying to make sense of Kayo Dot and their latest album, the prog-gasmic Blue Lambency Downwar (streaming in full here), because there’s simply no way. However, if you must the opportunity to do so will arise shortly as the experimental metal troupe take part in Hydra Head’s Champions Of Sound 2008 tour. With art-bangers Pelican at the helm and Cave-In’s eclectic psych-rocker Steve Brodsky in tow, it’s a mighty fine way to spend an evening that doesn’t involve hand release from an almost believable tranny. Full tour dates, including a handful with Zozobra in tow, can be found at Hydra Head’s website.

Until next time: lock up your daughters.


Gary Suarez is endlessly contemplating how much worse of a president Sarah Palin would be than George W. Bush. He also writes for Brainwashed and mismanages the consistently off-topic No Yoko No.

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